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Tickets are available on Hustlesasa

Season tickets secure a place for you to set up your tent.


What you need to keep in mind is your comfort and some economy. We highly recommend that you bring along some treats with you for the weekend; think along the lines of what kind of drinks and snacks you like. Are you specific about what mixer you prefer with your gin, vodka or whiskey? You’ll need to include that in your packing list. 


CLOTHING: Carry some light clothing for the day and a beanie, windbreaker and Maasai shuka to keep you warm at night. Pack a hot water bottle if you’d prefer an extra cosy sleeping bag.  

There’ll be fires lit at night to keep us comfy while we watch and talk about films. 


Here’s a packing guide we’ve put together:

  • A foldable camping chair for your comfort. (Optional but highly advised) Don’t have one? Check out Decathlon; they have some pretty good offers. 

  • A flashlight and an extra pack of batteries.

  • Comfortable shoes and at least two pairs of socks

  • Comfy sleepwear

  • A pair of slippers or crocs

  • Light T-shirts, a warm shawl, hoodie or jacket/windbreaker.

  • A water bottle and/or thermo flask.

  • A pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

  • A charger and fully charged power bank

  • A range of toiletries, i.e. preferred soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, body lotion, sunblock, tissue, insect repellant, etc…

  • A towel, a blanket, and a pillow

  • Fruits and snacks; if you’re particular about your sundowner, please carry your drink and mixer of choice.

  • A book or a magazine for your entertainment


If you have any questions, email us at or WhatsApp/call us on +254 769 940693


Are you a first-time Camper?

If you are, we understand you might be nervous, and that’s completely okay. We’re here to guide you through your first camping experience and hope it’s the first of many. 


Things to note:

Your ticket secures you a spot to camp. 

The location is safe, open, and has a bar and food kiosk. There are toilets and a place to shower. Bring your camping gear with a foldable chair and an extra blanket as the nights get cold.


Hire a camping kit

If you do not own any camping gear, you can contact Sammy on +254 720 353198 or Baxon on +254722730359 to book your tent in advance at 3, 500Ksh/- per tent kit (a canvas tent, sleeping bag, safari bed, and a mattress) per night.


Please reserve your tent 3 days prior to the event to avoid disappointment. 


Mahiga Meru is scenic, secure, and easy to get to.

You can either drive or use public means to get there. 


  1. From Nairobi

  • If you’re using public means.


It’s a 4-hour drive from Nairobi to Mahiga Meru shopping centre. 

You’ll need to take a shuttle from Nairobi to Nyeri first, then pick another matatu to get you to Mahiga Meru shopping centre. To find out how to book your shuttle from Nairobi and where the stage is, contact 2NK Sacco. You’ll be using the Embu-Nairobi highway, which is the fastest route.


When you alight at the Nyeri stage, it will be easy to spot a matatu that’s headed to Nyahururu. Ask the tout to drop you off at Mahiga Meru shopping centre. 

When you do, you’ll spot a MANYATTA SCREENINGS sign and white stones that will be leading the way to the festival site. It’s only 300 metres away. You can opt to take a boda if you’d like a ride. 


  • If you’re driving.

You may want to make a road trip out of this, which is a brilliant idea! 

A word of caution about the Thika and Nyeri traffic. Plan your trip to avoid them. Both centres' morning and early evening traffic will lengthen your trip by at least 30 minutes.

The Embu-Nairobi highway is a 3 hrs 40 mins drive. There's also a route through Gilgil which will take you 4 hrs 50 mins. Here’s a scenic route that you might need.

A little FYI - when you join the Sagana Nyeri highway, there is a famous Nyama Choma spot 1 km after Kenol.


  1. From Nakuru to Mahiga Meru

  • If you’re using public means

From Nakuru, one can use a direct matatu to Nyeri (4NTE, 2NK)and be dropped at Mahiga Merú. Once you’re at the Mahiga Meru shopping centre, look for the Manyatta screenings sign and white stones. These will guide you to the festival site, which is only 300 metres away. You can opt to take a boda if you’d like.


  • If you are driving

If you’re coming from Nakuru using the B5, it’s a 120km (2hr 25min) drive. If you choose the longer route, through Gilgil on the A104/ C77, it’s 165 Km (3hr 10min). Directions Here


If you’d like to organise a Carpool to Manyatta Screening in Laikipia East, click here to make your inquiry. 



We recommend you arrive between 4 - 5 pm, which is two to three hours before the screening starts on Friday. 

This will afford you ample time to set up your tent, walk around the site, and familiarise yourself with the surroundings. 


Welcome to our community in the wild!

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